Identifying a book

Tuesday 17th May 2011

Many years ago I read a particular sci-fi book, and I’m trying to remember what it was called. Here’s what I can remember of the plot, and apologies if it sounds bizarre.

So. Most people on earth are in computer cities buried underground. They’re in digital form of course, and live at a different rate from normal people. There are some normal humans, clinging to a primitive life. Other people are in artificial bodies and live on the moon. This last lot look at the stars. They notice two neutron stars about to collide and warn people on earth. So it turns out th earth gets fried, there’s a daring rescue of the normal people by the digital ones and then they find that the stars collided because if gravity leaking through from another universe and this means th galaxy is about to go, so they fly off in a spaceship to somewhere they can transmit themselves through into another universe.

So that’s what I remember. Might have been a particularly vivid dream after eating cheese late at night, but I don’t think so. I hv an idea it was Greg Bear but I don’t recognise it in th Wikipedia list of his books.oh, and one of the main characters might have been called Orlando. Not sure.

Update: Identified! It’s Diaspora by Greg Egan.