It’s not how much, but who the buyer was

Tuesday 10th Apr 2012

Facebook bought Instagram. For a lot of money. We know this. Some people seem to think everyone’s reaction is about the money, but I’m not sure it is. I know mine isn’t. I really enjoy using Instagram, and before yesterday I enjoyed it rather more because my husband and more of my friends were using it. Today it’s still fun, but it’s missing these people, so it’s not as fun, and that’s not because Instagram was bought, it’s because Facebook bought it.

I don’t like Facebook. A lot of people don’t like Facebook. Millions do like it. Millions love it. Fine, they can do their thing on Facebook. I was doing my thing on Twitter and Instagram (and Flickr, and my own sites…) and now something I was using is part of that evil empire, that thing that has a known history of not being honourable or ‘playing nice’ with its users’ data. So yes, I’m upset about it, but this isn’t actually one of those oft-assumed entitlement rants; Instagram can sell itself to whoever it fucking chooses and I fully accept I have not the slightest say in that, but I do have a say of my own opinion, and I will voice it. Making your opinion known is not an automatic demand that something be stopped, or something be done, or to be consulted on anything that happens, or even to be listened-to. To these people who insist on pointing out that this is how startups work, or that the internet wasn’t made for my personal use, or that offered a billion dollars I might consider things I normally wouldn’t, I say do please piss off and tell someone who doesn’t know this already, which is fucking no-one. But then, you don’t have to do what I say. You’re just expressing your opinion too.

Doesn’t mean I like it. And fuck Facebook.