So there we go, a site

Monday 15th Feb 2010

There’s stuff I’ve been wanting to write about, stuff that doesn’t fit on Ministry of Type and needs more than 140 characters to explain, stuff that’s not themed in any way. Turns out I needed an actual blog-type thing, somewhere I can login and write what I want without it ever being ‘off-topic’. This is it.

It’s simple, maybe. Perhaps even a bit basic, but that’s all I need. I mucked about with Posterous and Tumblr, I’ve had a look at ‘throwaway’ hosted blogs, but I just wouldn’t be happy with how restrictive they are. They also assume a kind of posting behaviour that I simply don’t need, comments, categories, tags, voting, polls, crappy icon-filled panels linking to every damn social network and link-fetish site, no thanks.

Roll your own

So basically there’s no quick, off-the-shelf option, I had to make my own site. If a big part of your life is making sites for other people, it seems like the hardest thing in the world to make one for yourself, you’ve all these ideas, and because you’re the client you’ve got so many things you want to get across. Of course, after a while of mucking about and coming up with all sorts of overdesigned nonsense you step back from it all and apply the same logic you would to any client project. It’s not your site, it’s a site for a client who happens to be around 24 hours a day. That meant I could experiment with a slightly different way of designing a site, starting instead in the browser, with the plainest, most elemental HTML, reviewing each stage as I went along. I wanted to minimise the use of graphics, and rely on what can be done with CSS and by adding some nice typefaces from Typekit. When Fontkit launches I hope to switch over to that instead, but for now I’m using the beautiful faces Masala and Proxima Nova.

It’d be nice if you like the way the site looks and works, but if you don’t, well, sorry about that. If anything is actually broken though, please let me know.