Sunday 1st Jul 2012

I read this post by Paul Boag. I empathise with his position. I can see his point, and know that he’s complaining about something that is genuinely unfair, and is wrong. But I think he’s complaining about the wrong people, and the wrong thing.

In claiming a religion as your own, you must be aware of what the religion stands for. For an organised religion with creed, and leaders who represent the faith, you must know how that religion presents itself to the world. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can hardly claim ignorance of the PR, in other words.

When other co-religionists, and more importantly, the leaders of your faith are loudly and consistently advertising their vile and disgusting beliefs as fundamental to the faith, then can you complain when people start believing them? When you then claim to be of that faith, should you be surprised if they judge you according to what they’ve heard of your faith?

Perhaps you should complain more about those misrepresenting your faith than those who judge you because of it.

Or set up a new religion, perhaps.