You wrote a thing about a new thing

Tuesday 14th Aug 2012

And thus, it was written (I paraphrase):

This is my thing, the thing that I’m into! I’m emotionally invested in this product or service so if there’s another product or service then I have to come up with reasons why it’s not as good or isn’t needed or lacks a thing I need or is ideologically doomed to failure.

But maybe I decide I like that new thing better and so make a big deal about how This Solves My Problems Better and that since we were always at war with Eastasia that it was inevitable I switch over when this prophets-foretold Better Thing would come along. Of course then to maintain an appearance of balance and to head off any criticism I’m frivolous or impulsive about things I’ll say the Old Thing wasn’t bad and it was very good at the time but things simply move on and they didn’t keep up with the game and they missed a trick and misjudged the market and That’s Just Business.

But it isn’t that, I’m emotionally involved in This Thing and so therefore anything else that exists is a competitor to it, and everything ever in the whole world is a zero-sum game and there can be Only One Winner. Only one. That is a This-Killer. This is a That-Killer. If your thing succeeds, my thing must fail, and that would be an attack on me, so I must attack you.

And this is why my interest in ‘technology’ (as a subject that gets written about) has pretty much died a death.